Anil Kumar Tyagi

(Member of Advisory Board)

Prior to joining Gruner, Mr. Kumar Tyagi held significant leadership positions, including his role as the Former Executive Director of Indian Oil Corporation Limited and as the Former Director and CEO of IOT Utkal Energy Services. Throughout his career, he has consistently delivered outstanding business results, exhibiting a keen ability to navigate the complexities of the cross-functional energy landscape. Mr. Tyagi's leadership style, marked by a people-centric and process-driven approach, aligns seamlessly with GRE’s commitment to fostering positive change in today's volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) business environment. His expertise encompasses various domains, including project management, end-to-end contract management, and material procurement.

Mr. Anil Kumar Tyagi brings to the company a wealth of expertise garnered through an illustrious career spanning four decades in the Oil & Gas industry. His extensive industry knowledge and leadership acumen are set to make a transformative impact on GRE’s journey towards sustainable growth. In his current role as a distinguished member of GRE’s Advisory Board, Mr. Tyagi will play a crucial role in shaping the strategic direction and growth trajectory of the company.

Leveraging his extensive experience, he will contribute valuable insights and guidance to the executive team and the overall organization. His current role involves the operational excellence of the company, where he will give his expert guidance on streamlining workflows, improving efficiency, and enhancing project execution to ensure timely and cost-effective results. He will also be involved in Risk Management and Mitigation and Vendor management, where his proficiency in vendor assessment and management will aid in selecting reliable partners and suppliers for the company.

Apart from this, he will also be involved in important matters and events at the company. His thought leadership is expected to further enhance the company’s reputation as an authority in the renewable energy sector.