Mr. Rahul Rustagi

(CFO & Co-Founder)

Rahul Rustagi, is a highly qualified professional who boasts of a bouquet of prestigious degrees such as CA-CS-CWA-CPA(AUS)-CMA(UK). He has had an enviable career spanning over a decade-and-a-half in which he has worked in diverse industries such as oil and energy, construction, consulting, FMCG, and agribusiness. Having worked with leading brands like Olam and KPMG, Rahul brings with him professionalism of the highest standards and hence, he is a revered leader at Gruner Renewables.

Rahul has a specific skill set into providing services, such as :-

• New business set up and/on geographical expansion.

• Virtual CFO services to SME / STARTUPS/ENTREPRENEUR.

•Fund/Treasury/Banking Management

• Managing Investments into Real Estate , Startups , Bonds , Forex , Crypto & Commodities.

• Risk & Compliance support.

He has handled operations across different geographies that include the Middle East, Asia, the Americas, and Africa. Over the years, Rahul has earned a good reputation for his strong work ethic and astute governess. He has built a strong network which he leverages to drive business for the company.

As the Co-Founder and Head of International Sales at Gruner Renewables, Rahul brings a wealth of experience and expertise in business strategy, financial management, and global operations to the company.