Mr. Utkarsh Gupta

(Founder and CEO)

Utkarsh Gupta, a Chartered Accountant by qualification is a proven business leader and strategist whose dynamic thinking and ability to take bold decisions have helped turn around the companies he has worked for in his illustrious career spanning over a decade. Utkarsh always had a knack for entrepreneurship. He started his first venture way back in 2010 when he was in his early 20s. It was a food-based company – a classic case of passion turned into a profession.

Utkarsh’s passion is not limited to food. He is quite considerate and passionate about the well-being and health of the planet we dwell in. He always wanted to contribute to helping Mother Earth heal and this resulted in him working for an industry that is considered one of the pioneers towards sustainable development – the renewable energy industry. Biogas is one of the forerunners in helping the world minimise its carbon footprint by making zero waste to landfill a reality.

Having worked as a sales director for one of the leading biogas producers in India, Utkarsh, a distinguished visionary who has a natural inclination towards entrepreneurship decided to start his own renewable energy venture i.e., Gruner Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd. Utkarsh aims to make Gruner Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd a world leader in the industry and make it an institutional company. His purpose in starting this company is not only mercenary but missionary. Utkarsh believes in development but not at the cost of the planet. That is why he is a staunch promoter of a circular economy and not a linear economy.

Under the able leadership of Utkarsh, the team at Gruner Renewables is motivated and determined to be the biggest name in the renewable energy sector in the years to come.Those who know Utkarsh would describe him as a benevolent leader who believes in empowering his team to get the best out of them. He firmly believes in the concept of service leadership and always leads from the front. Utkarsh’s personal traits and dedication towards work inspires everyone at Gruner Renewables to put their best foot forward at work. His team understands that Utkarsh's purpose of doing the business is not minting money only but he genuinely is inclined towards recuperating the planet and leaving behind a beautiful place for the future generations.